A Web application visualizing the abandoned publicly owned buildings in Cordoba


In 2009, dosymedio’s collective began a research about abandoned publicly owned spaces called Looking for creative spaces. After that, we extended this work from Colaborativa.eu for the Independent Creative Space’s project. Since then, many people have showed great interest on that research and asked us to publish it so that’s why we are realising “#DisponibleEnCordoba”.

Public data = open data

Córdoba, like many other spanish cities, has dozens of abandoned publicly owned buildings in good state of conservation all around. Meanwhile, numerous associations, collectives and organisations lack adequate spaces for meeting and working.

While working to transform one of these publicly owned buildings into the Creative Independence Space of Cordoba we were able to verify the great caotic situation regarding the management of public real state. Frequently, even the managers themselves did not know about the building’s ownership or the feasibility of the new use widely announced by the local press. We believe that this information should be published, updated and easily accessible by all the citizens.

Visualizing abandoned publicly owned buildings

“#DisponibleEnCordoba” collects many of the publicly owned buildings that are partially or totally abandoned in our city. Beside locating the buildings on a map, we have collected additional and precise information about the buildings themselves (pictures, address and property code) and related news, often contradictory information, which are spread out all over the Web.

Additionally to publishing the web, we have released the data (in JSON and CSV format) so anybody can access them and generate derivative works with no restrictions. Our aim is to maintain the list as detailed and up-to-date as possible so any citizen, organisation or association could use the compiled information. If you like to help us to complete the list and keep it up-to-date then send us a tweet to @colaborativaeu using the hashtag #DisponibleEnCordoba or an email to info@colaborativa.eu with the building location and status, and press links or official information.

DisponibleEnCordoba was selected for the ARQUIA/PRÓXIMA 2014 catalogue from 670 works presented at the 2012-2013 call.

The story of #DisponibleEnCordoba through our articles, news and a selection of references in the media.

Disponible por desidia

Noticia en El Día de Córdoba. Ir a la web externa

“…es un mapa ilustrado de los edificios públicos que se encuentran vacíos, abandonados, sin que exista una propuesta oficial o alternativa para que se les dé vida…”

Mapa de los edificios públicos abandonados en Córdoba

Noticia en Yorokobu.es. Ir a la web externa

“…Gracias a lo aprendido en los últimos años decidieron hacer algo al respecto. Juntos elaboraron un mapa que traza todos los edificios públicos que actualmente están en desuso por la ciudad. La iniciativa llamada Disponible en Córdoba pretende ser un punto de referencia para los cordobeses interesados en saber el estado de los edificios de titularidad pública…”

¿Has visto un edificio abandonado en Córdoba? Inclúyelo en el mapa

Noticia en Cordópolis. Ir a la web externa

“…Inmuebles tan gigantescos como Regina, de propiedad municipal y cerrado a cal y canto desde los años 80, poseen en su interior uno de los mejores artesonados mudéjares de la ciudad…”


Three of our proyects included for the catalog and one shortlisted for the ARQUIA/PROXIMA award