Colaborativa in Scarpia XII

Developing a prototype of a self-build dome based on bamboo and 3D printing

Scarpia is a contemporary art festival with more than a decade of development that is celebrated every summer in El Carpio, village located in the province of Córdoba. The festival has established as one of the must-see cultural activities during the Cordovan’s summer thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of organizers and participants.

In 2013, Scarpia celebrated its 12th aniversary and we had the great chance to be invited and participate in three activities: an exhibition of our most recent work, the presentation of the first prototype of a self-build system based on bamboo and 3D printing, and lastly the participation on a round-table discussion together with our admired good friend Santiago Cirugeda.

Exhibition “Fluid Stratus”

Miguel Ángel Moreno Carretero y Fran Pérez Rus invited us to show three of our most recent projects in the “Fluid Stratus” exhibition, which was installed in the History Museum of El Carpio. We had the chance to share the exhibition with pieces of Santiago Cirugeda, Daniel Palacios and Fran Pérez Ruz.

The three projects selected for the exhibition were: the recovery of abandoned publicly owned spaces and buildings (UrbanismoDeBarrio), an annual event to celebrate the diversity of our streets (Los Paseos de Jane) and our open laboratory promoting the research and development of free culture projects (Colaboratorio).

The curators proposed us a narrow space finished with a beatiful brick vault to exhibit our projects. The assembly was minimised using the existing lights to backlight long rolls of sketch paper. This way projects were perfectly lit up with an elegant and simple solution, which does not need additional lights and keeps the assembly cost to the minimun. A section of the geodesic dome propotype also presented during Scarpia XII was installed at the end of the corridor.

Assembly of our exhibition at 'Fluid Stratus'

We wanted to show two complementary visions of the three projects presented due to their collective nature. One graphic description designed by us and another outside look through the texts written by architect Carlos Cámara, journalist Marta Jiménez and sociologist Ángel Ramírez.

Temporary self-build in public space

We are always fascinated by the possibility of self-build collective and temporary spaces in the public space. This type of systems would allow to extend the kind of activities citizens perform in the public space and, for example, to test the success of public facilities in an experimental way before using more permanents building systems. For sometime, we were researching in how to develop these systems using green materials and at a low cost. Scarpia was the perfect opportunity to present our first prototype: a geodesic dome of 6,5 meters of diameter and 24 square meters of surface with an approximate cost of 100€. The conectors are a design derived from the project by Here you have the repo with our derived design.

3D printing of the geodesic dome's connectors

The geodesic dome was developed by Buckminster Fuller in the first half of the 20th century and was highly popular in the United Stated during the sixties and seventies. The design offers a great resistance to wind and can cover big spaces by using small size elements, this feature makes it very suitable for using green materials and distributed and personal digital fabrication techniques, such us domestic 3D printers. A group of people with 3D printers could print out the neccesary connectors for a collective space in just a few hours.

We assembled our prototype in Scarpia XII using bamboo and bioplastic connectors with an approximate cost of 4€ per square meter. The assembly was carried out by three people in less than two hours. Another great advantage of this self-build system is that both assembly and disassembly do not require specialised training and can be maded collectively. The more people participate, the faster the assembly.

The story of Colaborativa in Scarpia XII through our articles, news and a selection of references in the media.

Scarpia: el milagro de llevar el arte contemporáneo al mundo rural

Noticia en Cordópolis. Ir a la web externa

“…Fran Pérez Rus ha comisariado en el Museo de Historia de El Carpio Estratos Fluidos / Arte y Tecnología en la sociedad actual, proyecto personal en colaboración con la Universidad de Granada a través de las figuras de Daniel Palacios, Santiago Cirugeda y Colaborativa…”

Scarpia, la acción local como práctica artística

Noticia en Ars Operandi. Ir a la web externa

“…el trabajo comunal y la autoconstrucción son notas comunes en las obras que presentan Santiago Cirugeda y Colaborativa…”

Conferencias en Scarpia XII

Noticia en Ars Operandi. Ir a la web externa

“…tras las conferencias, pudimos contemplar la cúpula geodésica que Colaborativa habían diseñado para Scarpia XII. Burón fue el encargado de explicarnos cuál fue el método de diseño y construcción de la cúpula, en la que se utilizaron cañas de bambú y una impresora 3D…”

Self-build Geodesic 1

Self-build Geodesic 2

Self-build Geodesic 3

Self-build Geodesic 4

Self-build Geodesic 5

Self-build Geodesic 6

Self-build Geodesic 7

Self-build Geodesic 8

'Fluid Stratus' Exhibition 1

'Fluid Stratus' Exhibition 2

'Fluid Stratus' Exhibition 3

Colaborativa at Scarpia XII: Round-table Discussion

Self-build Geodesic 1 · Geodesic Dome made up of bamboo and biodegradable plactic connectors · Colaborativa 2013 CC BY 3.0

Self-build Geodesic 2 · Designing the connectors with OpenSCAD derived from from Effalo · Colaborativa 2013 CC BY 3.0

Self-build Geodesic 3 · 3D printing of the dome conectors with out RepRaps · Colaborativa 2013 CC BY 3.0

Self-build Geodesic 4 · This is the first prototype with 6,2 meters of diameter and 46 connectors · Colaborativa 2013 CC BY 3.0

Self-build Geodesic 5 · Detail of one of the connectors with pressure adjustment · Colaborativa 2013 CC BY 3.0

Self-build Geodesic 6 · The dome is made up of 120 bamboo elements with four different lengths · Colaborativa 2013 CC BY 3.0

Self-build Geodesic 7 · Last assembly touches to the the prototype presentation in Scarpia XII · Scarpia 2013 CC BY 3.0

Self-build Geodesic 8 · Inauguration of the prototype in Scarpia XII · Scarpia 2013 CC BY 3.0

'Fluid Stratus' Exhibition 1 · General view of the room dedicated to our works · Colaborativa 2013 CC BY 3.0

'Fluid Stratus' Exhibition 2 · Detail view of 'Los Paseos de Jane' project · Colaborativa 2013 CC BY 3.0

'Fluid Stratus' Exhibition 3 · Detail view of '#UrbanismoDeBarrio' project · Colaborativa 2013 CC BY 3.0

Colaborativa at Scarpia XII: Round-table Discussion · Round-table with Santi Cirugeda, moderated by Noelia Centeno · Colaborativa 2013 CC BY 3.0