I have a technical education as Electronic and Software Engineer. Before founding Colaborativa I worked in an Energy Field Company in Madrid, in a University department at Dublin and as a freelancer developing technological projects between Spain and Ireland.

In 2002, just graduated in Software and Industrial Electronics Engineer by the university of Cordoba, I moved to Madrid to work as an engineer in a renowned Energy Field Company developing security systems for electricity power stations in Asia.

Three years later I moved to Dublin to work as researcher in the Callan Institute at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. I was involved in the development and integration of embedded software systems for communication and surveillance systems. I published several papers as a result of my research in international conferences in both Ireland and the United States. Furthermore, I collaborated in few projects with the National Telecommunications Research Centre based in Trinity College in Dublin, and the National Centre for Geocomputation based in Maynooth.

When I decided to come back to Cordoba (Spain) in 2008, I had the chance to carry out researching from Spain in my Irish department up to a total of seven years. The years in Ireland make me grow professionally and personally, and help me find out my real passion: using my talent in real projects with local impact.