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Creative Limerick
Creative Limerick

Limerick, the second largest city on the West coast of Ireland, has suffered a massive real state boom on its city centre in the last fifteen years. Many of these brand new properties have never been occupied and remain as notable physicals signs of the actual financial crisis. The Planning and Economic Department of Limerick City Council set up the Creative Limerick Initiative to tackle this situation.

Creative Limerick, in just two months and minimum human resources, defined a remarkable plan in five phases which is being implemented at the moment. It covers from allowing the use of vacant shopfronts for showcasing work made by artists and designers to letting empty offices as studio spaces with minimum costs for the creatives.

One of the keys to making this happen was the clever decision made by Limerick City Council on including all the available properties on their general insurance policy with no extra costs for them. A number of other advantages are offered to property owners who have massively taken part on this initiative.

Such a smart move have changed dramatically the face of current financial crisis into a celebration of creativity, wise policy making and social engagement within Limerick City Center.

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