We like to consider ourselves as the intersection of an art studio, an inventor laboratory and a design agency. We also do commissions, visualizations and consultancy work for other creatives, private companies, local authorities and governments. Drop us a line if you want to work with us.

New ways of working

The creative sector is leading a socio economic shift in Europe redifining the way we work and collaborate. We have researched, consulted and developed projects about how the new digital, creative and cultural sector can contribute to social, cultural and economic development.

New ways of sharing

Open source methodologies set new ways of collective understanding, collaboration and governance. We have created participatory processes using digital tools and physical strategies for citizen engagement, open innovation and social action.

New ways of making

Digital fabrication is transforming the way we envision and make things. We love making products that blurry the lines between physical and digital. We are experts on digital fabrication, have built our own machines and software over the years.