A crowdsourcing tool for surveying and visualizing local creatives communities using open source technologies and open data. The project started in Cordoba and has been replicated in Limerick, Ireland; Navarra, Spain; Pescara, Italy and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

We have designed a tool that allows us to view the structure of the local creative scene - who makes it and what the activities are. To do this, we started with an initial list of creative people compiled through an Internet search. Each creative has been labeled according to his or her main activities, following the twelve categories for the creative and cultural sector proposed in the document ‘The Economy of Culture in Europe’ from the European Commission.

Visualizing this data in a Sunburst we can measure the greater or lesser presence of an activity compared to others. This is a useful way of identifying the activities with the largest presence, discovering opportunities for less represented activities and getting to know the initiatives we would like to collaborate with.

This research is by nature in constant evolution. You can help us by filling in the form for the initiatives you know of. We hope you find this useful!

Since we launched this web visualization we have collaborated with other cities to visualize their local creative communities. If you would like to use our tool in your city, contact us and we will get started!