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Colaboratorio is our open innovation lab in which we work together with volunteers, creatives and other organizations in applied research projects based in free culture

Raspberry Pi + Octoprint

Here, at Colaborativa, we have been printing in 3D for almost two years now. Our small RepRapPro Huxley was assembled collectively in the Colaboratorio and since then we have used it for all sort of projects from small hacks and appliances repairs, to full size architectural structures.

Open Code

2012 January 12, Attending the Open Source World Conference 2012 in Granada.

Jane Walks Córdoba

Since 2012 we are the city organisers of Jane’s Walk in Cordoba, Jane’s Walk is a global event of citizen-led walking tours inspired by Jane Jacobs’ ideas


2014 June 20, Three of our proyects included for the catalog and one shortlisted for the ARQUIA/PROXIMA award.

Jane's City

2010 September 16, Following the steps of Jane Jacobs.


We developed CreativesIn as a tool for mapping, visualizing and understanding our own creative region. Since then the project has grown organically accross Europe

Lanzamiento de Creativos EnLasPalmasGC!

“#CreativosEn” es un proyecto abierto a otras comunidades y ciudades que desarrollamos en 2011 para visualizar la comunidad creativa de Córdoba. Ya que formamos parte de ella, queríamos conocerla mejor, saber quién la compone y a qué actividades se dedican.


2013 January 28, Navarra joins in to our creative community visualization at Creativos.in.

Creative Sector

The creative sector is leading a socio economic shift in Europe redifining the way we work and collaborate. We research on how the new digital, creative and cultural sector can contribute to social, cultural and economic development

Planificar o facilitar

Los medios locales se hacen eco esta semana de dos interesantes iniciativas que desde el sector público apoyan la industria creativo cultural en nuestra ciudad: la nueva incubadora del Proyecto Lunar y la promoción de un distrito creativo en torno al corredor cultural Corredera-Compañía-Mezquita.

Creative Hubs

Creative hubs are catalyst for the creative sector, there are as many models as hubs themselves, this is a selection of the ones that we like most

Coworking spaces are all around the world!

That is what we thought when we first arrived at the conference, we found people from many countries around the world wanting to share their experiences and wanting to know more about why the coworking community is becoming larger and larger! In brief these are some of the things that we found…

The Hub, Madrid

2010 September 3, First place in Spain of the international innovation centre iniciative.

City of Curitiba, Brasil

2010 May 25, Jaime Lerner's example or how can cities be transformed with creativity and low resources.

Geodesic domes

For us geodesic domes are much more than mesmerizing geometric structures, their unique characteristics made them specially suitable for build-it-together collective spaces

An open-source & low-cost geodesic dome system

Self-build as a social tool: Communities need collective spaces to gather for group activities and social support. The lack of a collective space to meet, discuss and perform group activities, especially at the early stages of the development of the community, can generate negative consequences in the future. Self-build can be a powerful social mechanism for strengthening communities. Examples of these communities are families, neighbours or young people in need of spaces for developing creativity, social actions or educational activities.

Other topics

+CityxChange Success!

On 6 July, the +CityxChange proposal was formally invited by the European Commission to become a new smart city lighthouse project, under the Horizon2020 LC-SC3-SCC-1-2019 “Smart Cities and Communities” call. The proposal was rated as the best among eleven competing proposals.

new paragragh :)

2014 February 14, Perfect moment to stop being at Fuensanta Vegetable Garden.