CreativesinLimerick Launch!

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In February 2015, we published an upgraded version of CreativosEnCordoba integrating a new visualization design called Sunburst, responsiveness and with a whole new system for editing initiatives. Leaving behind the old treemap visualization which divided creatives categories into rectangles. Additionally, Emilie Froelich helped us updating all the information regarding creatives in Cordoba and we are very grateful for that! Some of them changed bussiness, some others dissapeared or moved to another city, etc. Emilie did a great job.

We selected a Sunburst chart as the new design for the visualization. The radial layout gives a better understanding of the distribution of the local creative escene. After that, other cities contacted us and wanting to get involved in the project to bring the project to their home cities. That is the case with Gimena Blanco and Aidan Kelleher for #CreativesinLimerick (Ireland). Just a quick reminder that from 2010 we have collaborated with Cocoworking from Navarra (Spain) and Sara Armento from Pescara (Italy) to bring the visualization to their home cities.

Last 27th of August we presented #CreativesinLimerick at the Red Hen Bar in Limerick! A lot of local creatives showed up and they were deligthed by the simplicity and straigthforward approach of the visualization. Gimena added an initial list of around 40 creative people in order to encourage people to get involved. By mid september we were at 203 creatives and counting!

Special thanks to Gimena and Aidan for collaborating with us in bringing the visualization to Limerick!

Here’s Flickr gallery of the day.