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Hi there, we were thinking on starting a newsletter a long time ago but many projects and new family members kept coming and we couldn’t find the time! Anyway, here it is, we hope to publish one per season from now on, sharing things that we have read/researched/visited as well as some news from us.

New ways of making

Imposible Objects released recently their Composite Based Additive Manufacturing Technology which promises additive manufacturing at crazy speeds. The proposed technology remind us of the Mcor paper based 3D printer that was released years ago but instead of paper it uses carbon fiber sheets which get sandwiched within polymer powder deposited using thermal inkjet technology. The range of specialist additive manufacturing technologies being developed each year is staggering and somewhat proves how additive manufacturing is taking over mass manufacturing at an incredible pace.

New ways of working

TMDC. Few recently discovered this project based in Barcelona. TMDC is a collective fabrication space that started as part of Betahaus Barcelona with a small workshop, soon after they moved to their current premises with more than 2000m2 filled with all kinds of fabrication equipment. We haven’t physically been there yet but it is now in our bucket list for our next trip to Barcelona!

New ways of sharing

Plurality is the most recent book of E. Glen Weyl (RadicalxChange) and Audrey Tang (Taiwan’s Minister of Digital Affairs) two of the most interesting thinkers on collaborative technology. We found the book refreshing specially in a time when all the interesting essays on tech devises gloomy and alienating tech dystopias. In their book, Weyl and tang are able to project utopian futures while keeping a deep critical understanding of current tech, a rare thing in current times.

Some news from us now:


CityXChange came to its end this winter, it has been an amazing project to be part of! We had the opportunity to work with seven European cities developing new strategies and tools for citizen engagement. We learned a lot on these five years! Really proud of our Citizen Participation Playbook and its local implementation in all seven cities.

New project!

We recently got awarded an accelerator grant to fund our latest research on digitally fabricated architectural components, as part of the grant we are getting some support and mentorships to bring part of this research to market. Hopefully we will have more exciting news about this soon!

Colaborativa HQs!

Things are finally moving forward for a new working/living space for us. Everything took way longer than expected due to COVID and inflation but it seems that we are on the right track now. Really excited!

That’s all for now, we will try to keep it short, Enjoy Spring and see you in Summer!

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