is a project aiming to enable everyone to self-build their own collective space using geodesic domes and following the principles of low-cost, local digital fabrication and open source.

Collective spaces

People need collective spaces to gather for group activities and generate social structures. Instead of waiting years for the financial resources and political support to arrive, we propose to take matters into our own hands by self-building temporary collective spaces.

Domenico uses waterproof cardboard tubes and plywood connectors

The geodesic dome was developed by Buckminster Fuller in the first half of the 20th century and was highly popular in the United Stated during the sixties and seventies. We believe geodesic domes are highly suitable as collective spaces. They are strong and light, covering big spans using small and light elements. Thanks to latest digital fabrication technologies and beside the complexity of its elements, geodesic structures can be self-built in local Fab Labs at an affordable cost.

Geodesic Domes for everyone explores the possibility of self-build collective and temporary spaces. For example, this type of system can be used by communities to test the success of collective facilities in an experimental way before using more permanents building systems.

During the past two years we have developed several prototypes. The first one was based in bamboo struts and 3D printed bio-plastic connectors and resulted in a 6,5 meters dome. The last one uses waterproof cardboard tubes and plywood connectors allowing bigger domes.

The current prototype has been showcased at Maker Faire Rome in October 2015 where it won two Blue Ribbon Awards and Maker Faire Bilbao in November 2015!

Low-cost, digitally fabricated and open sourced

Our 3.0 version has the following features:

  • Design based on 3V 5/9 Fuller-Kruschke method.
  • 165 waterproofed cardboard tubes and 61 CNC cut fabricated plywood connectors.
  • Span of up to 14 meters and 150 square meters covered area.
  • One day assembly with non-specialised training needed.
  • Low cost of approximately 10€ per square meter. is designed to be built in a Fab Lab using local resources only. Our latest design can be found here under an open license.

Acknowledgements is a project by in collaboration with Fab Lab Limerick.

We are very grateful to the following people who have contributed to this project: Michael McLaughlin, Stephen Bourke, Jack Byrne, Aoife Marnane, Jennifer O’Riordan, Aidan Byrne, Tamires Santos, Renata Mota Almeida, Luis Graff, Orla Punch, Kristopher Ó Ceallaigh, Ed Devane, Thomas O’Brien & Justin Kelly.